Malika’s Knockengorroch Diary

Last weekend I went to Knockengorroch World Ceilidh which is a music festival. It has lots of stalls, lots of different kinds of music and best of all you can camp at the festival site.  It is in a forest area near Carsphairn in Dumfries and Galloway.

I went with my friends Dawn and Eva, from Leith Primary and their families as well as my sister Ameenah and my mum.

We all went last year with our Leith friends and had so much fun.  This year my dad, who is a Moroccan musician was playing, so we got a free ticket.

The best thing about going to the festival was being with all of my favourite people and having so much fun.  The worst thing was the heavy rain which flooded our tent!

I would really recommend going to this fun festival!  Thanks for reading!

From our tent we got an amazing view of the river and we all loved playing in it.

view from the tent of the river

Here is the Leith crew all hanging out together – such fun!

group gathered outside the tent

Here is my sister Ameenah and I with our heads through a highland cow – why not!

Malika and her sister smile to camera, heads through cut-outs in artwork of highland cows

This sculpture was made out of rubbish, isn’t it great!  The theme for the festival was “rainbow.”

multicoloured statue made of plastic


Enjoying the view from the top of the festival site.

Malika and family climb a hill


What a wonderful tented village

view from the hill of tents at the festival

This dog appeared on stage when my dad was playing with his Moroccan band.  Isn’t he adorable!

dog on stage looks to camera


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