Tfue vs Faze by Jack

Turner Tenny better known as Tfue is suing Faze who are one of the leading Gaming organizations in the world.

For those who are not familiar with him, Tfue is a content creator on Youtube and Twitch. On Youtube he has over 10 million subscribers and has reached 60,000 live viewers on Twitch. He has also won a lot of Fortnite tournaments including the Fall Skirmish in week 4, and Tfue has also qualified for the World Cup.

Tfue accuses Faze of taking 80% of his Youtube and Twitch earnings, and 50% of his tournament earnings. He also accuses them of pressuring him into living in one of the Faze houses in Hollywood Hills where he was given alcohol under the age of 21, and illegally gambled. This was caused by Tfue attempting to terminate his contract but Faze rejected his proposal.

Here is a direct response from the organization Faze regarding the allegations against them.

Here is a response tweeted by one of the Faze owners Faze Banks:

“Yo this whole thing with @TTfue is pretty unbelievable. The first thing I’d like to say is we do NOT and have never taken 80% of anyone’s prize money. Not sure where that came from, but a contract like that has NEVER existed. We’ve collected $0 from Turners prize money. ZERO.”

If these allegations are true it will give a huge warning to pro players considering joining an organization due to them having to take a massive pay cut to join. It would have huge effects on Faze attempting to recruit younger players who don’t want to be pressured into underage drinking or gambling.

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