FMQT Next Generation Interviews By Max

First Minister’s Question Time – What we did and who we interviewed 

About the event

Before the event, Marcus, Katie, Malika and I (Max) came to the Corn Exchange in Slateford to take part in FMQT Next Generation. FMQT Next Generation is an event where 100 young people meet with the First Minister and ask her questions about current issues, steps she is going to take about them, and even general trivia.

Before the event Katie and I went around the reception area to make short interviews with people.

The questions we thought of and asked were:

• Why did you want to attend this event today?
• How do you feel about being in the same room as Nicola Sturgeon?
• And is there anything you’re absolutely dying to ask The First Minister?

The First Interviewee

The first person we interviewed was Amy who is 36 years old, and came all the way from England.

After asking why she wanted to come to FMQT Next Generation, Amy said that she just wanted to hear what Nicola Sturgeon had to say. Ms Calder also said meeting the First Minister would be an exciting experience, if somewhat nerve-wracking. If given the chance, Amy would ask Nicola what her plans were to help tackle climate change.

The Next Interviewee


The next person to be interviewed was a 17 year old from the Scottish Borders called Angus.

When I asked him why he wanted to come to the event. he said that he is intrigued by politics and is interested in what might happen in the future. He wasn’t very nervous about meeting with Nicola Sturgeon as he believes just because she holds a higher position in Scotlands future doesn’t mean she’s too different from everyone else. He wanted to ask the First Minister whether the SNP would seek an independent Scotland if Brexit goes ahead? If so, how does she propose to influence global policy particularly in relation to climate change.

The Final Interviewee


The final person we interviewed was 11 year old Michael representing Castleview Primary School.

He attended the event because he wanted to know about Brexit and how it would affect children and their futures. Just like Angus, he wasn’t feeling too worried about meeting with the First Minister. The question he was really eager to ask was: ‘Will you take steps to try to plant more trees, and create more bottle deposits to help our ecosystem to thrive’.

Young Media Voices Interview the FM!


About 5 minutes before the real FMQT started, Marcus and Malika got the amazing opportunity to have their own short interview with Nicola Sturgeon. You can watch the interview here!

The Big event

You can watch the entire FMQT Next Generation online here.

Thank you to Katie for the beautiful pictures!

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